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DIPM Power Module
1. Concept
Power Modules developed as integrated IGBT switching components can be used as a solution for fast and reliable motor drives. DMM has developed our own power module design for high voltage drive, high power switching. By uniquely integrating isolation photocoupler, IGBT trigger circuit and core IGBT power transistors into the power module, the package can work with higher efficiency and reliability.

2. Features
  • The only power module in the world with built in integrated isolation photocoupler and gate trigger circuit
  • Complete isolation between control side (14V) and power side (600V)
  • Single 14V power source for gate control circuit
  • Self developed and manufactured realize low cost and quick leadtime
  • Built-in temperature protection
  • Isolated IGBT layout with large relative heat dissipation surface area

3. High Level Definition
Even under harsh inductive load situations including high back emf from servo motor deceleration or high inductive current, the DIPM power module's dedicated control and design is highly reliable.

The control circuit receives a direct 3-phase PWM input from microcontroller. The isolation and gate control components are self-contained.

Block Diagram:

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