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[ Dec 10, 2017 ] New DMMDRV program version released - DMMDRV2017 Version FE471. See Downloads section for updated software and manual.

[ Oct 2, 2017 ] Introducing new NEMA34 and NEMA23 motors in 750W and 400W capacity. With standard dimensions to directly fit existing NEMA mounts and shafts. AC Servo Drive manual updated.

[ Sept 28, 2017 ] DYN2 and DYN4 servo drive pages updated with Modbus and CAN communication options. Both servo drive manuals updated.

[ April 12, 2017 ] ABS-16 Absolute Encoder page updated. 2017 ABS-16 absolute encoder brochure added.


[ July 5, 2016 ] Site wide content updates and corrections. Links to added. Pricing updated. DYN4 servo drive manual updated to version A1.7a.

[ Feb 29, 2016 ] Core Technology section added.


[ Aug 20, 2015 ] DMM Technology Corp. announces partnership with HTG Systems PVT. LTD.

[ May 22, 2015 ] AC Servomotor Manual Updated. Click here to view.

[ Apr 14, 2015 ] DMM Technology Corp. will host exhibition at on May 5, 2015 in Vancouver BC, Canada. Click to view show information. DYN2 AC Servo Drive system selection manual updated.

[apr 2, 2015 ] new dyn servo system high inertia load application video. click to view.

[Mar 19, 2015 ] DYN2 and DYN4 Servo Drive Instruction Manuals Updated. Now includes RS232 communication.

[Feb 2, 2015 ] DMM Technology Corp. will host exhibition at in Anaheim, CA (Anaheim Convention Center) from February 10-12, 2015. Booth# 4399.

2015 DYN Servo Product Line added.

[Jan 6, 2015 ] New AC Servo Motor General Specification Manual uploaded. This manual consolidates all DHT and DST series servo motor specification for easier sizing selection.


[Dec 28, 2014 ]
Site updated with new DYN4 AC Servo System Information.

[Dec 13, 2014 ]
The website will be undergoing maintenance this weekend for content update. The majority of the site will still be available. We apologize for any inconveniences.

[Dec 11, 2014 ]
DMM Technology Corp. will exhibit at the show in Orlando, FL from January 21-22. Booth# 114.

[Sep 15, 2014 ]
Product demo media added to New DYN2 AC Servo Drive section.

[Aug 28, 2014 ]
3d总跨度走势图带连线 New DYN2 Type A Specification manual released. System selection manual released.

[Aug 03, 2014]
DMM is proud to represent leading industrial control technology at the . As part of the Motion, Drives and Automation North America Group, DMM Technology Corp. will showcase the latest technological achievements and new product designs including latest generation servo drives, servo motors and encoders. Together with other leading manufacturers representing the MDA/IMTS show, increasing and improving manufacturing capabilities and moving the industry forward.

[Jan 02, 2014]
Happy New Year from DMM Technology Corp.!
The new generation DST Series AC Servo Motor Series datasheet has been added to the products section.
Consult DMM Technology Corp. for application considerations and pricing quotation.


[Oct 24, 2013 ]
The DHT series AC Servo Motor specification manual has been updated to correct for errors.

[Oct 2, 2013 ]
Site updated with WESTEC 2013 exhibitor information

WESTEC 2013 Los Angeles, CA Booth# 1233. See you there!

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