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3d总跨度走势图带连线dyn2 ac servo drive

Next Generation Low Voltage servo drive for universal applications. Higher resolution encoder feedback, increased speed and larger power capacity to meet demanding requirements.

Industry standard Pulse/Analog interface with optional easy to use Serial RS232 command allows flexible integration. For every low capacity servo application, this is the new DYN2 AC Servo Drive.
Standard Price: $138.00  
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  • Low Voltage +60VDC Operation [ Min. +24VDC Max. +75VDC ]
  • Position, Velocity, Torque servo modes
  • 4-wire high speed serial encoder bus, with 8-bit security code for most reliable position feedback
  • 16-bit (65,536ppr) resolution absolute encoder
  • General Purpose Pulse/Analog Command
  • Opto-isolated 25kHz PWM sinusoidal amplifier
  • Industry leading package size - 20A peak current capacity
  • Serial RS232 [UART,SPI] Point to Point, S-Curve, Linear & Circular Coordinated Motion. Absolute encoder position feedback. Absolute/Incremental modes.
  • Modbus RS485, CAN Communication Options

  • Small / Medium Size Machine Tool / CNC
  • Stepper / DC Servo Convertion+Retrofit
  • Robotics / EV
  • Camera / Lighting Automation

Documentation and Media
DYN2 System Catalog 2015 - [ 05AP-A3412 ]
Specification Manual
[ Ver. A1.8 ]
Modbus Specification Manual [PDF]
Robotics Application [ A1229 ]
DYN2 System Selection [ 2210P10814001 08-005 ]
CAN Protocol Specification Manual [PDF]
System Set-Up Instructions
High Inertia Load Response
2015 DYN Servo System Product Line - Indexing Demo
4-Axis FA PLC Demo
3-Axis Indexing Operation

Software + Downloads

3d总跨度走势图带连线 pricing / servo motor selection

Pricing for standard DYN2 AC Servo Drive.
Servo Drive Model Max. Output Current [Arms] Servo Motor Capacity [kW] Unit Price (USD)
DYN2-TLA6S-00 20 0.20~0.75 $138.00
DYN2-T1A6S-00 10.2 0.05~0.0.10 $138.00

Servo Motor
Rated Output
Rated Speed
Max Speed
Rated Torque
Peak Torque
Frame Size Applicable Servo Drive Unit Price
86L-DHT-A6TD1 0.22 3,000 X 0.70 2.1 86mm
DYN2-T1 $125.00
86M-DHT-A6MK1 0.75 2,000 2.4 7.1 DYN2-TL $194.00
405-DST-A6TS1 0.05 3,000 5,000 0.16 0.48 40mm DYN2-T1 $125.00
410-DST-A6TS1 0.10 0.318 0.955 40mm $133.00
620-DST-A6TK1 0.20 0.637 1.91 60mm DYN2-TL $137.00
640-DST-A6TK1 0.40 1.27 3.82 60mm $147.00
Note: 1. The 86L-DHT-□ □ □ □ □ servo motor rates the torque at the same rated and maximum speeds. The torque profile is consistent throughout the speed range. Mechanically permissible speed is higher than rated maximum speed. Maximum speed depends on motor voltage-speed gradient and servo drive input voltage.
2. The 86M-DHT-A6MK1 750W capacity servo motor has a rated and peak speed of 2,000min-1 when paired with DYN2 AC servo drive.

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